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Sugaring Season and Maple Open House Weekend

Late Winter/ Early Spring

Why Hello Everyone!
Just updating you all on the 2017 sugaring season which is well underway and inviting everybody to our open house weekend!

First, the making of the Maple. We began tapping in late January and finished our close to 12,000 taps in the beginning of February. The snow depths were sneaky as a bunch of 2-4 inch snowstorms really started to add up to feet in the woods. We got some good sugaring weather early and were able to make a decent amount of light syrup quickly. The warm weather really hammered the snow and with the arrival of Winter Storm Stella came a lull in the sugaring with the below average cold temperatures. But with optimism, we've payed close attention to the longterm forecast and it looks like we're about to crank up again! If you see steam rolling from our cupola, stop in and witness this awesome transformation and process.

Now to the goodies, the free goodies and a special invitation to all. March 25-26 from 10 am to 5 pm we are opening up our sugarhouse doors to the public to enjoy some really delicious maple treats and to answer all questions maple! From maple syrup infused coffee, to delicious Sweet Surrender donuts glazed with our award winning Maple Cream, these are surely a huge success. Not to mention our take on sugar on snow involving our delicious Maple Cremee with piping hot syrup drizzled over. This is sure to put smiles on everyone's faces young or old. We hope to see you all soon!!

Our gift shop is open daily 9-6 and our staff not only is more than willing to assist you with decisions in our gift shop but with advice of the area if you haven't frequented beautiful Okemo Valley.

So think cold nights and warm days and don't be a stranger! Enjoy the rest of your winter and that warmer sun is a great welcome!!

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Happy Holidays from the GMSH Family

Holiday Season 2016

From all of us we want to wish you and your friends and family an awesome 2016 holiday season!!
Whether your travelling around or hunkering down, we want to wish everyone well with friends, family, smiles, cheers and all sorts of laughter. It's a great time to enjoy both the little and big things of life's adventures. It's also a great time of year to reflect on the successes and shortcomings.
We had a great sugaring season, a beautiful summer with lots of good weather and many maple creemee cones dispensed. Unfortunately we lost a great friend and co worker of the GMSH family suddenly. Rose Parsells was a great friend and her great attitude and compassion will be something irreplaceable.
As Thanksgiving has come and gone, we want to let everyone know that we've got you covered for all your holiday needs. Whether you choose to treat yourself or a friend we got all the deliciousness you require. If you're not sure give us a toll-free jingle @ 800.643.9338 and we'd be happy to answer any and all questions. For ease, we've included all shipping and handling cost so there's no surprises.
If you're playing around the Okemo Valley or the Killington Region, stop in and check out our Gift Shop full of our Award Winning Maple Products and everything VT. Our staff will be happy to guide you in a directions set up for success. We are open daily 9-6.

Well back to work we go but again, Happy Holidays! Stay safe, stay smart and let 2017 be a great start!!

Best Wishes,
-Ann and Doug Rose

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It's Summa Time!!!

Summer 2106

Welcome to the greatest Summer time playground around! If you like hiking, swimming, paddling, camping, bonfires, fire flies, lightening storms at night, then we got all the things that can 'float your boat'!

This is all fueled by a great start and a great breakfast and don't forget to sugar it up with our own homemade maple products. Whether it be our award winning maple syrup on pancakes, waffles and french toast. How about our Maple Cream on toast or an English muffin? If you sneak a maple leaf candy too we're not judging! Just do what ya gotta do!!

And throughout the day stop on in for a delicious maple creamee or grab a few of your favorite candies in our large penny candy section. Enjoy this on the shores of Lake Pauline and soak in the beauty of what summertime in Vermont can offer.

And if you can't make it up this time feel free to browse our website for all your favorite products that we can ship anywhere your sweet tooth desires.

If you got questions? We got answers! Our friendly staff is able and willing to answer any questions you have whether it be about the maple syrup making process, our products, or our area. We've got a lot of years in this area and are more than willing to share our secrets!

As always we hope you and your families are having a blast this summer and we appreciate your business and smiles. So enough computer time! Let's get outside and have some Vermont Summertime Fun!!!

Stay cool and safe,
Doug and Ann Rose
122 Vermont Summers between us!!!

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Let the Games Begin!!

Sugarin' Season Duh!!

Well Howdy Everyone!
Just wanted to throw everyone a quick update of what's going on at the awesome, the iconic, the greatest Sugar House in the world! So we've just wrapped up tapping our 11,200 maple trees and they got the memo from El Nino; It's on!! Yesterday 2/22/16 we had our first boil which was one of the earliest boilings of maple sap we've had! It's definitely been a weird weather year here but as anyone will tell you; it is what it is! So if you're around and see sweet smelling fog roll out of our cupola be sure to stop in and treat your self to a delicious sample. We will have an open house weekend soon with all sorts of free treats so stay tuned for an update. I'de give you the exact date right now but I can't for the life of me find the the paperwork and or calendar!

But if you're around mucking about the Okemo Valley be sure to stop in regardless. Our gift shop is full of our great maple products and we are open daily 9-6 so stop on in and get your sample on! Our staff can point you in any direction for any of your hankerings. We got this because we live here.

So stop on by, enjoy the view and get your natural sweet on!

Have fun and keep it real!
-Ann and Doug
Vermonters since 1955
Owning it since 1982!
Always having fun since 1955.

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Mid Winter Greetings


Well the holidays have come and gone and now it's a whole new year! We hope you all had a great time and are enjoying life wherever it finds you. Our winter here in Vermont has been an interesting comparison to last year's. Oh and Oh if only rain was snow! We'd be buried. Fret not winter people for the Mountains have done and incredible job with their snow making so the playgrounds are open for business and things are looking up on that front. Regardless of the weather it's always a great time to stop in and have a delicious Maple Creemmee. They're soooo good!!!

Our store is open 9-6 daily with everything you need to survive a weekend or a day or months on end. We've got all the Vermont goodies your taste buds can handle from Cheeses, Jams, Hot Sauces, Smoked Meats...Hmmm I feel like I'm forgetting something here...OH! Maple Syrup, Candy, Brittle, Fudge and Cream all made in house. We know maple so if you don't, we've got a plethora of knowledge to get you into the know! Stop in and say high whenever.. We'll be here!!

Take Care,

Ann and Doug

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Fall in Vermont is hard to beat and this one is one of the best, but maybe we say that every year, the colors have been breath taking. As the leaves are falling, we know that winter is not far away, time to get the wood in, the garden cleaned up and get the shovels in position. Also time to get your syrup for the hearty breakfast you need as the temperatures drop. Our gift shop is open daily from 9-6, stocked full of all our maple goodies, Vermont food products, Vermont gifts & more. Unable to visit, shop our website. We will be mailing our postcard reminder at the end of this month or the first part of November, gearing up for holiday ordering.

Enjoy the fall into winter and enjoy our site, we are a phone call away or an email away.

The best to all, Doug & Ann Rose

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From our family to yours, we want to wish everyone out there a great and relaxing holiday season! May it be full of joy and love! Also may it be full of many a delicious breakfast, full of great aromas of coffee and pancakes and may the bed head live on! We'd like to thank you all for your continuing support which is much appreciated. As consumers of food, we are constantly bombarded with ingredients manufactured from factories. Our factories are trees in the wild and the Pure Maple Syrup we harvest is sustainable and it's a feel good product! We take pride in all of our products and enjoy them too!

Winter is open for business in the Okemo Valley and the big and little kids playgrounds are open whether skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or snowmobiling is your forte. Vermont's a pretty good place to snuggle up to a fire and attempt to read a book fighting the urge for a nap. Just sayin....

So enjoy the coming weeks, slow dowm, and enjoy the 2014 holidays, you only get one chance to!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good breakfast!

Ann and Doug

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October/ November

We all knew it was coming but the Canadian Geese told us first as they started to make their long trip south for the winter. Then the foliage erupted into a beautiful display of colors producing one heck of a fall foliage season. Then the frost told our gardens to take a break and get ready for the long winter ahead. A cloudy rainy day came and the wind changed the woods producing what we call stick season. Now's the time to tidy up the lawn check the woodpile one last time and look up and enjoy the beauty of the high peaks snow covered in the morning. It wont be too long until Thanksgiving comes around the corner and we want to extend a blessed Thanksgiving to everyone whether you spend it with friends family or both. It's a special day to spend quality time with everyone including food! Just sayin' that you can incorporate our delicious Maple Syrup into many a good thanksgiving specialty dishes. Just sayin'.
Our gift shop is open daily 9-6 and is chock full of all things Vermont including our award winning maple products from Syrups, Brittles, to our delicious maple candies. Our staff is friendly and helpful and always willing to point you in the right direction from our store or our area.

So enjoy these days and get ready to do your snow dance. As always; keep life on the sweeter side of things!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and think maple!

-Ann and Doug Rose

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April / May

If ever there was a Winter/ Spring that left you baffled at the complexity of Mother Nature, this one may have taken the cake. A very cold and relatively dry winter started out early but in the end, the Vermont landscape was absolutely buried by the white stuff and for those of you who played, it was a great winter! All winter long folks were stopping in at the Sugar House and asking us what the sugaring season was going to be like? Our answer was that we did not have the foggiest but we would let you know in May. Well, May has arrived and our sugaring season has come to a close. We made about 90% of a good crop so it was not too shabby. Our two Maple Orchards are relatively high in elevation and that helped tremendously in making sure our trees did not get too hot too quick.
As for our Syrup production we made good quantities of all four grades and the flavor of all is award winning again. We pride ourselves on our quality and we take it very seriously. Speaking of Grades of Syrup, Vermont has changed the grading and I want to take a moment and explain that all to you. In the Past there was Fancy, Medium Amber, Dark Amber and Grade B. If you know what you liked, that was all fine and dandy but if you did not, these grades lacked key descriptors on flavor. That is why Fancy is now called Golden Color with Delicate Taste. The former Medium Amber is now referred to as Amber Color with Rich Taste. Grade A Dark Amber has become Dark with Robust Taste and Grade B syrup is now called Very Dark with Strong Taste. We have updated the website with these changes but as always, if you have any questions please ask us for we are more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

We hope all of you are enjoying the spring time and having fun outdoors as the world awakes from a sleepy winter. The news photo is a picture in one of our bushes. Can you name the green plants that are growing? A hint; Springtime is really ramping up!!!

Enjoy Spring!!
Ann and Doug

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With daylight savings time allowing the working folk to get some much needed vitamin D, you can definitely feel spring. The birds are restless, you can feel the sun's warmth. There's only one problem. Three feet of snow still on the ground and the second coldest March on record. But if you're one of them 'Never Summer' folk, this is a great year. It'll be interesting to see how far winter sports go providing it doesn't super heat too quickly.
As for our 2014 Maple Sugaring season, it's been a tough one so far and we haven't boiled once. Tapping close to 11,000 trees was a chore with all the snow and now the cold temps have delayed us a bit with boiling. But hey we are farmers at the mercy of Mother Nature...
...But other than that Mr. Lincoln, how was the play?!

This weekend we will be hosting our annual Maple Open House Weekend. March 22-23 starting at 10 am to 5 pm we will offer our delicious sugar on snow, maple coffee, and local donuts glazed with our award winning maple cream. These treats are all complimentary and a much needed thank you for stopping in!! Our sugarhouse will be open for touring and staff will be on hand to answer any question you may have. We're proud of what we do and you'll see why. Come on in! Our house is open!!

As always the gift shop will be open daily 9-6 with all sorts of our delicious maple concoctions and Vermont gifts. The ladies in the shop are also very helpful with any questions you may encounter with your stay in our beautiful state!

We are hoping that all of you are enjoying the coming weeks and please join us with our Maple Sap dance to get the trees running and true up here in the 802...

Think Spring and Well Wishes!!

Ann and Doug Rose

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Wow! What a winter!!!
The playground called The Green Mountains is open! Anything from skiing, riding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling is up and running!!! What a great recreational season winter 2014 has been, and it ain't over yet! Come check it out and play!
We have officially started our 2014 maple sugaring season! We've tapped about 2/3rds of our maples. The woods walking has been exceptionally rigorous this year with deep snow and tough terrain but what's new? It's all good! We're not gonna complain about our office! Stay tuned as we will update the site when we first boil. Please be sure to come check it out and ask any and all questions. We love connecting people with our food products. Chances are an educated consumer is a happy one!
We're expected to have some pretty cold weather in the next week or so, which will keep our maples dormant but when the weather breaks, let the sap flow forth!!!
Our gift shop is open daily 9-6 and we've got what you need to sustain the great American breakfast and many treats to boot! Our staff is very knowledgable when it comes to both our store and the surrounding area.
We hope everyone is having a great winter and we hope to se you all in the coming months when the steam is rising from the Sugar House! Let the good times roll forth!!

Take care and Peace,
Ann and Doug

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December 2013

Someone said it was the sixteenth of December, I knodded my head yes and when they left, I ran straight to the calendar. Yup. They were right. That happened fast! Thanksgiving seems like yesterday! Since then everyone at GMSH has been go go go! I finally get to take a breather and wish all of you a very special holiday season however you wish to spend it! It's all good! We've been in the cellar packaging many a gifts. We want to thank you all for your contuining support and your orders bring us together. We were downstairs Saturday and heard a customer come in still wearing ski boots. We cringed. We discussed weather, snow; how the forecasters never get it right. Then Sunday happened, everyone was late and the forecaster nailed it! 15 1/2 inches of powder in the area. It's almost winter and it's here to stay. Come to the Okemo Valley
and get ready to play!

It's never too late to place your orders
Whether you're a two planker or one of them longboarders.
Happy holidays wherever you wish to be.
Let the snow be deep and the winter free!!!

Happy Holidays once again,
Ann and Doug

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November 2013

You know it's coming whether you like it or not. The leaves are gone leaving behind sticks throughout the Forests connected to skeleton trees that once gleamed green in September. There's still that warm sunny day in October but sooner than later you'll wake up late to work jump in your truck and go, "What's this!?"
Well my friends, that's frost and in Vermont, that's a season changer. The smell of a wood fire, the sounds of a late goose flock over head, and the smell of a pumpkin pie all remind us of where we were and where we're headed. The frosts become more frequent, all hope is given up on the garden and in the background you hear the gentle rumble of Okemo's snow guns. And then one morning you wake up to a beautiful sight like the picture featured. Calm with snow on hemlocks and beautiful blue sky above. You think of the beauty in the coming months but your first thought is,"Geez! I better clean up the lawn and put everything away!"
And then from about the 13th of November to January 1st, time becomes fast forwarded. It always happens this way and our only advice is try your best to slow it down and enjoy all the specials moments.
Go ahead, put those sweatpants on and try to eat your weight in stuffing. Don't be afraid to wake up during the fourth quarter of the holiday football game and have no clue what's going on. It's all been done before!!!
The holidays are approaching and we want to wish you the happiest of moments with your friends, family, and future . Our pure maple products are a great way to enjoy those lazy mornings with nothing planned after breakfast, or everything planned. It's all good! What better gift to give than the products of a proud vermont tradition? Our current food culture is being slanted to the fact that sugar is bad. Not all sugars are created equal and the sucrose from pure maple syrup has a low glycemic index and isn't the final product from corn. Feel good about the foods you eat and they will make you feel healthy, vibrant, and that makes life good!!!
Our gift shop is open daily 9-6 and our ladies in the shop are more than willing to talk anything maple and help you guide you in any direction you choose to go.

So once again, happy holidays, eat lots and keep on keeping on!!!
Tryptophen comatose here we come!!!
Ann and Doug

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September 2013

As the summer goes on I have noticed a change in our great outdoors that lead me to believe that fall is one its way. The damp cool mornings and the the green fade on the foliage lets us know that summer is starting to leave us. There is still plenty to do in the Okemo Valley of beautiful Ludlow Vermont. A beautiful foliage hike through the Buttermilk falls or a nice bike ride around the lakes region; it:s all good!! When you get a chance enjoy a Maple Creemee on the very quite Lake Pauline. We hope everyone is doing great out there and enjoying the rest your summers!! If your around stop in and check us out. Open Daily 9-5 and our staff are more than willing to help you out with anything you need!!

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JUNE 2013

Welcome to June everyone hope all is well in your neck of the woods. We want to introduce you to our newest staff member, Casey. She is a beautiful Yellow Lab and loves to sleep and stare and get petted. We want to invite everyone out there to stop in enjoy the lake and a cremmee and of course get some pet therapy!! Our shop is open 9-6 and we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to learn a little bit about our proud Vermont Maple Syrup! Lake Pauline right now is beautiful with ducks everyone and the new local residents the pair of Bald Eagles. There are many activities in the Okemo Valley and if you are unsure what you would like to do, ask us!!! We love to help everyone have fun! And fun is what we should all be doing now as the summer months are upon us. Enjoy!

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April 2013

A walk in the woods these days reminds all of us that spring is definitely here. The days are getting longe, the critters are on the move and the Maple sap has definitely been flowing. Thanks to all of those you came out on Maple Open House Weekend and if you missed it, theres always next year. Our 2013 Maple Sugaring Season has been great so far and isn't over yet. We've made a lot of good light syrup and right now our grades are getting darker giving us a hint that season is winding down. As we still are boiling we invite everyone to come check it out as it's a process we're very proud of. The shop is open daily from 9am-6pm and our fabulous ladies are very helpful with any and all questions. As for the remainder of mud season in Vermont goes we've got some advice. Come on up and celebrate maple but if you bring anything white, don't expect it to be white very long. We hope everyone out there is having a great spirng and let the green grass grow!!!

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March 2013

Phew! We are all done tapping our Maple trees and now very excited for the sap flow. Winter is definitely here and the late snow arrivals have definitely been enjoyed by all. We wiill be boiling soon and it's something you'll want to view and enjoy. The proccess from turning maple sap to delicious syrup is part science, part art, and 100% yummy!!! We will be hosting our annual Maple Open House Weekend March 23-24 all day. We will be serving up delicious maple treats from sugar on snow, to maple coffee. All very tasty and all free; you can't go wrong! So in the meantime come up to Vermont and enjoy the winter playgrounds and stop in and see us in all our glory.

Do the sap flow dance!!!

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February and we're in the best office yet...the sugarbush

February 2013

Our Sugarhouse will be boiling maple sap down to maple syrup as soon as the sap starts to flow. We proudly invite everyone to swing buy and check out our operations as it is science and food mixed together. We also feature our gift store stacked to the gills with all of our own maple goodies and great Vermont gifts.
We received locally about 8-10 inches of snow and it's enough to make the Green Mountains fun! Come on up and enjoy the rest of your Winter and don't forget to check us out!!!

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January 2013

Happy New Year!
Whoever did the snow dance keep on dancing!!! We've got some good snow through the past few weeks with more on the way. We've already surpassed last year's total snow fall so later lame winter of 2012!! Okemo is running full tilt and VAST snowmobile trails are open and the riding is good. It's a good time to come up and play hard and call in sick on Monday.
Our Sugarbushes are awaiting eagerly for the of 2013 and Doug and crew are doing some finishing touches to make sure we get as much of that liquid gold that we can get. We'll be sure to post some pics and frequent updates of when the Maple Sugaring season kicks off. In the meantime stop in the our Gift Shop and enjoy the wonders of everything Vermont including some really good cheeses, specialty smoked meats, our award winning Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple candies. Good energy for fun-times outside or a perfect dessert after a good meal and a warm belly. It's all good. Enjoy the winter and be safe, we hope to see you soon!

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Wow it's December already!

Okemo's doing well with their snowmaking and reports from skiers and snowboarders stopping in say that the mountain is good to go! Now if Mama Nature helps us out, all of the wintertime enthusiast will be happy from snowshoers to snowmobilers to cross country skiers. Vermont right now is a great time to escape the hustle and bustle that tends to come with December. Our motto; slow it down and enjoy it as it comes. We want to wish everyone out there a warm Season's Greetings. Good food, Family, and Love is a great way to spend the coming weeks.

We've got some delicious packages on this website so check 'em out and enjoy. Our Ladies in the store are eagerly awaiting any and all orders via the phone and are more than happy to answer every question you could possibly think about Vermont Maple or the Okemo Valley Region. Our Country unique gift shop is a great stop mixed in with the beautiful setting of Lake Pauline. So once again, enjoy your holidays and have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Let the snow commence!!!

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Welcome to Stick Season 2012

Question. What is the seasone between Autumn Foliage and Snowy winter? Answer; Stick Season. The tress are void of their foliage and now we can see miles down in the sugar bush and life is Good. We've got a lot of exciting news to report and the biggest and best is our new website. Check it out! We've worked hard on it and it's looking pretty snazzy. Other news to report is that Okemo is open and ready to ride! We've just sent out our latest and greatest mail order brochure also. If you didn't get one let us know and we'll get one to you in a jiffy! Happy Thanksgiving to all the families across the map and let the good times roll!!!!

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October 2012

Have a look around and tell us what you think! We will keep our web site up to date and answer any questions you have. Check back often for new items added to our VERMONT GIFT SHOP ITEMS section. Thanks for visiting!

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