July 2023

July 10th Storm
As many of you know, Ludlow suffered massive and widespread flood damage earlier this week. We were fortunate to come through the storms mostly unscathed. Many other Ludlow businesses were severely damaged by this storm that dumped over 6” of rain in Ludlow, over 8” in Tyson, and over 9” in Plymouth!

As in any devastating situation you must always look to the positives. The community as a whole is working hard to help one another. Neighbors helping neighbors, second homeowners offering support and encouragement from near and afar, and business coming together to help one another clean up.

We all love Ludlow, whether it is the town we grew up in, the place we come to relax and unwind, or the place that is now home - we can all agree we want to see it restored to the beautiful place we all know and love. Our Grandson Smith says it perfectly, “Together we are the Higher Ground”.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out in the past several days to check on us. We appreciate you and thank you for all of your support.

Best Wishes,
Ann & Doug Rose [ more ]