March 2021

Murphy's Law
March 2021
Murphy’s Law

You’ve no doubt heard of Murphy’s Law – the adage that if something can go wrong it will? Well so far, Murphy’s Law has been in full effect this sugaring season!

Early on the weather was not kind – either too cold and snowy or too wet to be out there tapping. Once the weather finally cooperated and we could get out in the woods, the walking was atrocious. Earlier this week the weather was perfect and we got a good run of sap. Then the equipment issues arose…of course all at once on the same day. We did what any tough, resilient, Vermonter would do – we cursed Murphy and then tackled one problem at a time until they were fixed!

We love what we do and wouldn’t trade this life for anything. There is nothing like the peaceful trek to each tree to tap and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Today is our first day boiling in the Sugar House. If you have not had the pleasure of smelling that that sweet sap boil away trust me when I tell you that there is no better smell in the world. Oh and how can we forget that first taste of hot Maple Syrup…mmmm it sure makes all those “Murphy” troubles disappear.

Thanks to Wendy Clinch for this photo!

Warm Regards,
Ann & Doug Rose
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